Walkies in the Death Zone
Doctor The Pompous Doctor
Wave No. 2
Companion(s) Martin the Pug
Central Villain None
Duration 52m 16s
Originally Released 31st December 2013 - 2nd February 2014
Previous Wave On the Line
Next Wave The Search for Ireland
Walkies in the Death Zone is The Pompous Doctor's second wave of adventures.

The Doctor and Martin continue their adventures, encountering temporal paradoxes, cosmic shopping centres, Metebelis 14 and an old enemy.


Story ArcEdit

The Doctor and Martin continue their adventures, now with Martin being the cause of most of their problems rather than being the one whole solves them. He manages to cause the TARDIS to crashland and create a tedious adventure with eleven different Doctors (The Eleven Doctors), he consumes all of his food which forces The Doctor to confront Eric Klieg at Asco (Off to the Shops) and he gets mistaken for a King and has The Doctor thrown into prison (A Good Pug Goes to War). However, he also persuades The Doctor to say a proper goodbye to Davros, even when it meant turning down a visit to Brunco - a planet made completely out of dog biscuits (Death to the Davros).

The Doctor ends these adventures having made a friend out of an enemy, but an older version of The Doctor reflects that darker times are ahead for this incarnation...

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