My name is POMfannumber1, and recently I thought, "I keep seeing people talking about this Aimless Wanderings thing, so let's go through it all from the start, like I do with any TV show/film series/any other franchise".

Today, the Five Who Fans appearances! Well, part one, the rest shall be done at other times.

NOTE: This is the first time I have gone through this universe, so don't get on my back and shout at me for anything.

NOTE 2: This is not meant as a personal attack on anyone who makes Aimless Wanderings. Splendid chaps, all of them.

A REAL Classic Dr. Who Monster!

Ah, the story that started it all. Both the Aimless Wanderings universe and this was my first experience of Aimless Wanderings.

The plot of this is simple enough. Billy Treacy claims to have a real classic Dr. Who (for the purpose of these lost classics, I presume they had Dr. Who for the extra campness) monster in his back garden, a Blobatron. Billy then goes on to explain it featured in the 1976 classic Dr. Who and the Blobatron. A possibly illegal clip from this story played starring the 5WF Doctor (as I see he was called back then) and an unnamed companion, who later on is revealed to be The Companion Whose Name I Can't Remember.

Anyway, in this clip, Companion asks the Doctor, who is donning a blue T-shirt and a red rain coat, instead of his later appearance, what the monster, who is running around an unnamed planet doing a mean imitation of a Dalek is, to which the Doctor explains is a Blobatron, one of his greatest nemesis (s).

The Doctor obeys the Time Lords' role of non-interfearance and watches the Blobatron run around until a passing miniature train defeats him.

Billy then talks about next time's show, as the Blobatron approaches...

I think this is quite good, although I don't think that this is the best. It ruined it for me that Billy doesn't really seem like the Doctor yet. No Doctor, especially a classic Doctor would wear an anorak or a T-shirt, and his voice gave off the impression he was Captain Kirk.

Rating: 7/10.

Classic Doctor Who SUCKS!

Almost a year after the Blobatron invasion, the Doctor, who now has picked his new costume, but is companionless, watches a Five Who Fans video of Billy ranting about how bad classic Doctor Who is. He then goes off to explain that classic Doctor Who has no proper emotion.

He then goes on to explain that in Time-Flight, the Doctor shows no emotion about Adric's death. While the other companions are trying to comprehend the death of Adric, the Doctor brushes it off and says that his death is just nothing. Well, I suppose anything's better than David Tennant's bad over-acting, in my opinion.

Exhibit B is the previous story, Earthshock. In this clip, the Doctor defines emotion as smelling flowers, watching sunsets, and eating. Billy argues that this sentenence makes no logical sense, and that since when has anyone been emotionally overwhelmed by food. Not I, my readers. Not I.

Continuing on, Billy suggests that the Cyberleader has a better concept of emotion than the Doctor, as a clip plays of the Cyberleader using enthuaism in his words. 

We skip ahead six years to Rememberance of the Daleks, where Ace (who looks a lot like Companion), informs an old lady of her husband's death. I don't intend to get too graphic, but the speech tells of shooting, Germans and eating. 'Nuff said. As Billy is wrapping up the video, the Doctor himself appears in his garage. The Doctor gives an argument which shows Billy that classic Doctor Who is better than people think.

I didn't really like this video that much. Yes, it was made to parody the classic era, but I am sorry to say that Billy overstepped the mark with this one, at least in my opinion. Ace's bit was funny though.

Rating: 2/10.

The Ultimate Foe

For this purpose of this review, I am only reviewing the scene with the Doctor and Companion. But the whole video's superb though.

At this point of the video, Daniel Sherrat, has got access to the 5WF TARDIS, shrunk Billy and Jon, and made a room atmospheric for no reason. Suddenly, the 5WF Doctor and Companion accidentally slide through the universes and into our universe where they are on a TV show, which is not anywhere as good. At this point, the Doctor says his famous line "I am Me. Now that I've introduced myself, who are YOU?". The Doctor attemps to fix the TARDIS, when Daniel threateans him with the 5WF sonic screwdriver. He then uses it to activate the TARDIS, and erases them.

I really love this funny scene. At this point, I really believed that Billy was the Doctor.

Rating: 10/10.

Next time we have the Classic Week stories, and after that The Pug in the Machine. Bye!

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