The Doctor is In

Much of the old show from the 1970s/80s is still being discovered by television historians. Due to viewing figures of under 4 on average (that's four people - you read right), it's difficult to deduce what number seasons the stories are in (although thanks to continuity announcements, we've figured out which stories go where). You'll find this episode guide updating as we discover more stories.

It is unclear where these stories fit in context with The Pompous Doctor's personal timeline, although it most likely that the events of the TV series takes place before Evil of the TARDIS. In terms of The Sorry Doctor's timeline this appears to take place around Further Apologies as it is seemingly established in Tower to the Stars that he is travelling with Pip.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



The Doctor - Billy Treacy

Pip - Beckie Hough

The Sorry Doctor - Daniel Sherratt

The Master - Sam Dimitrijevic

Daleks - Benji Clifford


Writers - Billy Treacy, Phoenix Smith, BPFWhovian, bowtieanimation, Gauthier Moine, dalekdudeguy, naetle07, SteelSamurott, Joel Connors, Chad Huskins, Gwen Richardson

Director - Billy Treacy

Assistant Director - Ellie Boskett

Visual Effects - Daniel Sherratt

Music - Benji Clifford

Producer - 5WF

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