The TARDIS is the space-time vessel the Doctor uses to travel time and space that he nicked from his home planet Gallifrey.Edit


The exterior appearance of the Doctor's TARDIS is a 1960's British blue telephone Police Box.

The Original Doctor's TARDIS Edit

AW Tardis's 2D

The Doctor's TARDIS's

The Fruit Pastel Doctor's TARDIS Edit

The Sorry Doctor's TARDIS Edit

The Dynamite Doctor's TARDIS Edit

The Quintessential Doctor's TARDIS Edit


The Original Doctor's TARDISEdit

The Fruit Pastel Doctor's TARDISEdit

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Fruit Pastel's TARDIS as seen on his Twitter.

The Sorry Doctor's TARDISEdit


Sorry's TARDIS seen in 'War of The Doctors - Trailer'

This Doctor's TARDIS has dark grey walls with large spotlights shining on various sides. The console is smooth and triangular with a large cylinder in the centre.

The Pompous Doctor's TARDISEdit


Pompous' TARDIS seen in 'Prison of the Cosmos'

This Doctor's TARDIS has light grey walls with golden roundels with Gallifreyan symbols cut into them. The console is made out of an assortment of items that look like they've just been thrown together with a small light sticking out of the centre.

The Dynamite Doctor's TARDISEdit

This Doctor's TARDIS has dark grey walls like Sorry's but has purple roundels, a much more circular console and little lighting. It is also much larger than any of its predecessors.

The Dynamite Doctor's TARDIS as seen of the covers of Boom Goes The Dynamite and The Dynamite of the Doctor soundtrack


The Quintessential Doctor's TARDIS as seen on the Website banners.

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