The Sorry Doctor
Notable Quote:

"I dislike confrontation."

Incarnation No. 3
Preceded by The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Succeeded by The Pompous Doctor
Regeneration Cause Unknown
Travels with David, Pip
Channelling Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison
Played by Daniel Sherratt

Polite and apologetic, this Doctor has in manners what he lacks in genuine heroism. Most of the time, he'll be found having to escape from a number of awkward situations.

Personal TimelineEdit

A Sorry State of Affairs Edit

Upon regenerating, The Doctor is thrown into a series of incidents all across Pastelbury whilst struggling with his new identity. He slowly begins to discover that his prior self was deeply despised by the residents due to his eccentric behavior and constant disturbances. Realizing this, The Doctor decides to change his ways, becoming more polite and apologetic for the things he's done. He then hands over ownership of the pub to The Bartender and returns to his adventures throughout time and space.

Irish AdventureEdit

Sometime early in his adventures, The Sorry Doctor lands inside a pub in Ireland and meets his new companion David. Thanks to an incident involving a drunk patron vomiting on her, the TARDIS has since refused to land in Ireland ever again.

On the LineEdit

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Christie's EncounterEdit

Christie Christwald finds The Sorry Doctor in Convolution of The Doctor, after jumping into The Doctor's timestream. It turns out that she was responsible for causing The Doctor to fall from the tower to the TARDIS swimming pool in On the Line, as The Dynamite Doctor convinces her to push him off (it's what is apparently meant to happen, because it's already happened). Before this, though, she gives him a blue stitch-on question mark for his collar. The Sorry Doctor accepts this gift and later uses blue question marks for his outfit.

Encounter with JimEdit

The Doctor and David are traveling through the vortex when a group of space Pollen gets caught in the engine and forces it to land near a green house. After a lengthy discussion with the Pollen, David decides to let them get away with their evil plan of giving everybody runny noses and sore throats, very much to The Doctor's chagrin.

On his way back to the TARDIS, The Doctor fails to assist Jim (individual) when he's being mugged by two strangers. Instead he just provokes the strangers to continue pummeling Jim as he makes a clean getaway.

The Search for IrelandEdit

The Doctor's adventures in this wave, all result from him attempting to return David to Ireland.

Going to WarEdit

A call to arms summons The Sorry Doctor to The Blue Box Cafe in Cardiff along with two of his other incarnations. On the way, David "accidentally" breaks his copy of "Now That's What I Call Mind-numbingly Tedious 47" over his knee. The Quintessential Doctor has gathered them together in order to combat The Pompous Doctor, who has gone rogue. During their conversation, a flock of seagulls deficate on The Sorry Doctor's blazers.

When the Doctors begin assembling their army, The Sorry Doctor visits the Nestene Conciousness homeworld to gather a force of Autons. His other incarnations felt that they wouldn't make good soldiers, however The Sorry Doctor wanted to prove them wrong. He encouraged the Conciousness to join them so that they could prove to Fruit Pastel and The Dynamite Doctor that they could be useful.

Further Apologies Edit

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Clothes Make the Time LordEdit

The Sorry Doctor dresses in what can only be described as an Edwardian golfing kit, in shades of beige and blue. In earlier waves, he wears a shirt with red question marks, but swaps them for blue at some point after The Search for Ireland, most likely inspired by Christie Christwald. This is accompanied by a straw hat and, in later waves, a scarf, pocket handkerchief and radish brooch.

List of AppearancesEdit