The Quintessential Doctor
Notable Quote:

"I'm you. I am the Doctor."

Incarnation No. 6
Preceded by The Dynamite Doctor
Succeeded by Unknown
Regeneration Cause Unknown
Travels with Harry Stapleton
Channelling Unknown
Played by Livvy Douglas

This incarnation has confidence, competence and intelligence. At times she can find it difficult to keep her cool when the rest of the universe exudes the opposite. She is the Doctor's first female incarnation.

Personal TimelineEdit

The Dark at The Start Edit

The Dynamite Doctor regenerates into Quincy, after being found floating in space. Shortly after the regeneration, the Daleks bring the Doctor into one of their ships. There, Quincy finds Davros, who asks her to help him make the Daleks unstoppable. The Time Lords says yes, and agrees to help Davros.

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Going to WarEdit

It is The Quintessential Doctor that summons The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor together to fight The Pompous Doctor when she finds out the incarnation has "gone rogue". She does not reveal herself immediately to the others, believing they would "figure it out eventually." She commands the army with the other Doctors.

At the end of the war, after Sorry, Pompous and Dynamite leave, she is revealed by Harry Stapleton to Fruit Pastel that she is a future incarnation. It is this realization that causes Fruit Pastel to become depressed and regenerate.

List of AppearancesEdit