The Pug in the Machine
Doctor The Pompous Doctor
Wave No. 1
Companion(s) Martin the Pug
Central Villain The Master
Duration 16m 27s
Originally Released 20th September - 1st November 2013
Previous Wave None
Next Wave On the Line

The Pug in the Machine is The Pompous Doctor's first wave of adventures.

Follow The Doctor and his glamorous companion Martin the Pug, as they travel through space and time on a series of rather bizarre adventures.


Story ArcEdit

The Doctor is given Martin the Pug to look after by an anonymous friend. After a few adventures involving the TARDIS' interface attacking The Doctor (Evil of the TARDIS), a queue of spaceships waiting to invade Earth (Patience of the Daleks) and a giant killer plant in 1940's Oxford (The English Country Garden), The Doctor realises that Martin has a microphone and a transmitter attached to his collar (The Pug Masterplan). It turns out that The Master has been spying on the Doctor by using Martin (he was the original owner). He intends for a Giant Space Pug to eat the TARDIS, but by gloating beforehand he essentially warns the Doctor of the impending doom, giving them enough time to get out of harm's way.

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