The Lift of Doom
Doctor(s) The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Companion(s) None
Villain(s) None
Wave None
Wave/Episode No. X.1
Duration 6m 16s
Originally Released 2nd January 2014
Previous Story A Pompous New Year
Next Story The Eleven Doctors

The Lift of Doom is The Fruit Pastel Doctor's first special.

Four occupants stuck inside a lift; one wants to rule the world, two are probably aliens and the other one just wants to know what the hell is going on.


The Doctor finds himself stuck in a lift with an array of interesting people. Arguments and accusations are thrown everywhere, until an engineer finally gets in touch to say the lift has been fixed.


The DoctorEdit

The Doctor claims to have met the 'Burger King'. After landing in a women's toilet, he shows no sense of embarrasment or awkwardness. When offering fruit pastels to the others who are stuck inside a lift, a psychedelic sequence takes place, indicating that there might be an ominous, dark and mad (in a bad way) side to this Doctor.


The TARDIS lands in a womans' bathroom. Quite whether this was deliberate or not, we may never know. It also materialises faster when being flown by The Fruit Pastel Doctor.

Eric KliegEdit

Eric doesn't regocnise The Doctor. As far as we know, this is their first encounter. Eric is power hungry and insane, and becomes obsessed with the prospect of becoming Master of the Lift.



The Doctor - Benji Clifford

Eric Klieg - Benji Clifford

Maxime - Emelia Fenn

Engineer - Christopher Thomson

Belgor the Alien - Sebastian Treacy


Written by - Benji Clifford

Music - Benji Clifford

Theme Tune - Benji Clifford

Sound Design - Benji Clifford

Cover Art - Billy Treacy