The Last Laugh
Doctor(s) The Dynamite Doctor
Companion(s) Christie Christwald
Villain(s) Stinx the Sontaran
Wave Boom Goes the Dynamite
Wave/Episode No. 1.3
Duration 27m, 14s
Originally Released 22nd July, 2015
Previous Story Blobatron
Next Story Fondness and Creatures

The Last Laugh is the third episode of The Dynamite Doctor's first wave Boom Goes the Dynamite.

A lone Sontaran plots the destruction of a comedy club and the Doctor has to prove to Christie that he has a dynamite sense of humour.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

The Doctor Edit

The Doctor can order exactly what cocktail he wants just by clicking his fingers. He is also very good as pretending to be drunk and risks everyone's safety by activating the bomb just because it's not boring. He reveals he always says "Dynamite!" because the people in his head always laugh when he does.

Christie Christwald Edit

Christie is uncomfortable when her character is put into question. As the only sane person onboard Comedy Club 5, she attempts to take on Stinx, but fails.

Stinx the Sontaran Edit

Stinx is a General of the 14th Sontaran battle fleet. The laughter in the psychic field causes him distress and keeps him from hurting anyone. After an unsuccessful bomb attempt, Stinx is forced to remain trapped in Comedy Club 5 - an "ironic prison" according to the Doctor.

Personnel Edit

Cast Edit

The Doctor - Jon Gransden

Christie Christwald - Christel Dee

Stinx the SontaranChristopher Thomson

Laughing Man - Phoenix Smith

Narrated by - Billy Treacy

Crew Edit

Written by - Phoenix Smith

Music - David Boskett

Theme Tune - David Boskett

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Produced by - Billy Treacy