The Greatest of Friends
Doctor The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor, The Pompous Doctor, The Dynamite Doctor, The Quintessential Doctor
Wave No. X
Companion(s) The Bartender, David, Tim, Christie Christwald, Harry Stapleton
Central Villain None
Duration 1h 4m 49s
Originally Released 31st October 2015 - 29th January 2016
Previous Wave Boom Goes the Dynamite
Next Wave Forbidden Fruit Pastel
The Greatest of Friends is a series of short trips featuring various combinations of Doctors, consisting of the Fruit Pastel Doctor, the Sorry Doctor, the Pompous Doctor, the Dynamite Doctor and the Quintessential Doctor.

The Doctor. The Doctors. One Time Lord. Five men. One woman. And who knows how many more lie in wait? With all those incarnations, you’re bound to bump into yourself once in a while, and it’s not likely you’ll be getting along with yourself.

Episodes Edit

Story Arc Edit

to be added

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