The Brewery
Doctor(s) The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Companion(s) The Bartender, Bellal, Dilbert the Dalek
Villain(s) Richard Hill
Wave Forbidden Fruit Pastel
Wave/Episode No. 1.3
Duration 21m 49s
Originally Released 14th June 2016
Previous Story That Way Leads to Death
Next Story Pip
The Brewery is the third episode of The Fruit Pastel Doctor's first wave Forbidden Fruit Pastel.

The Doctor, alongside his new friends, returns to Pastelbury. But something’s not quite right…

Plot Edit

The Doctor and his friends Bellal and Dilbert the Dalek materialise in Pastelbury. Or do they? The bartender has had a sex change, Dilbert is now called gale, the rotten pastel has changed name. Not to mention that Special Weapons Norris had it in for Dilbert. How will they ever escape from this horrendous situation.

Characters Edit

The Doctor Edit

to be added

Bellal Edit

to be added

Dilbert the Dalek Edit

to be added

Special Weapons Norris Edit

to be added

Personnel Edit

Cast Edit

The Doctor - Benji Clifford

Bellal - Christopher Thomson

Dilbert the Dalek - Benji Clifford

The Barmaid - George Broad

Norris Cole - Billy Treacy

Richard Hill - Christopher Johnson

Fred Elliot - Benji Clifford

Ashley Peacock - Christopher Thomson

Crew Edit

Written by - Benji Clifford

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Benji Clifford

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Produced by - Benji Clifford & Billy Treacy

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