The Bartender
Species Human
Travels with The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor
Played by George Broad

The Bartender is a bartender at The Fruit Pastel Doctor's karaoke pub, The Rotten Pastel. He presumably resides in Pastelbury.

Personal Timeline Edit

A Sorry State of Affairs Edit

After The Fruit Pastel Doctor regenerated, The Sorry Doctor was arrested by the police as he was a suspect for causing The Rotten Pastel to explode. It was probably at this point that The Bartender hid from the police in wreckage of the pub. When The Sorry Doctor returned from his adventures in Pastelbury he found The Bartender still tending The Bar as he always did, 24 hours a day. The Sorry Doctor then discovered that The Bartender lived upstairs, was a light sleeper (Explaining why he was always working) and that the only reason he wasn't fazed by any of the weird going's on in his time at the Pub was because The Fruit Pastel Doctor always used to stay up late and explain everything when he was drunk! The Bartender then helped The Sorry Doctor become his own incarnation and he was given ownership of The Rotten Pastel. It was thanks to The Bartender that The Sorry Doctor started travelling through space and time in the first place.

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