On the Line
Doctor(s) The Sorry Doctor
Companion(s) David
Villain(s) The Police Service


Wave On the Line
Wave/Episode No. 1.4
Duration 8m 32s
Originally Released 20th December 2013
Previous Story Nightmare in Matte Grey
Next Story Dynamite of The Doctor

On the Line is the fourth episode of The Sorry Doctor's first wave On the Line.

At the end of his latest adventure, The Doctor faces his greatest adversary yet: police incompetence.


After saving a rude warrior queen and half the world's populaiton on an unknown planet, The Doctor and David head back to the TARDIS. On the way back, The Doctor spots a wonky ariel on a communications mast and climbs all the way up to adjust it, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy static-free television. However, a badly timed crow throws him off balance and he ends up hanging in the air from a rope.

David and a group of police show up, but no one shows any competence until The Doctor actually decides to "sod it" and fall. Thinking fast, David orders the police to help him drag the TARDIS over, turn it on its side and open the doors, so that the The Doctor falls into the TARDIS swimming pool.


The DoctorEdit

to be added


David finds himself having to lead the police to save The Doctor. He is the only person on ground level talking sense and it is his quick thinking which saves The Doctor.


The TARDIS is turned on its side and its doors are opened as The Doctor falls from a great height. When falling into it, he lands in the TARDIS swimming pool. How the TARDIS acheived this is unknown - it possibly likes this incarnation.



The Doctor - Daniel Sherratt

David - David McLaughlin

The Police - Billy Treacy


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Additional InformationEdit

During the events of Convolution of The Doctor, Christie Christwald intervenes in this episode, altering its events. The Doctor is pushed off of the radio tower by Christie, instead of falling.

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