Metebelis 14
Location Type Planet
Dominant Species Metebelians
Visited by The Pompous Doctor


Metebelis 14 is governed by a royal family of Pugs, including Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III.

Notable ExportsEdit

The Pompous Doctor visited Metebilis 14 in A Good Pug Goes To War for the express purpose of replacing his
Metebelis 140000

Metebelis 14 as seen on the Aimless Wanderer's Guide

trousers with more sturdy ones that Martin the Pug couldn't eat. 

The Sorry Doctor owns a copy of The Cheeses of Metebilis 14 during the Let Zygons Be Bygones segment of David's Grave, hinting at a market for Metebelian Cheeses. However, this takes place in an imaginary situation created by The Space Oracle, so its truth is uncertain.

Say What!?Edit

In Doctor Who tradition, the name 'Metebelis 14' is pronounced differently by every character who mentions it.

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