Marvin and Me is the first episode of The Greatest of Friends.

Marvin and Me
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor, The Dynamite Doctor
Companion(s) Tim, Christie Christwald
Villain(s) Marvin
Wave The Greatest of Friends
Wave/Episode No. X.4.1
Duration 19m 55s
Originally Released 31 October 2015
Previous Story The Dark at the Start
Next Story Happy Hour
Back from the funeral of an old friend, the Pompous Doctor and Tim encounter a new one.

Plot Edit

The Pompous Doctor and Tim bury Martin the Pug on the Eye of Orion. When they return to the TARDIS, they find that the Dynamite Doctor has sent Pompous a dog called Marvin in order to cheer him up.

They drag Dynamite back through the TARDIS' time stream to give the dog back and discover that Marvin is actually a robot that is trying to send the TARDIS into the heat death of the universe.

They manage to destroy Marvin with an energy weapon, but remain unsure as to who was behind the robot. Dynamite says he got it from a man in a dog pound.

Characters Edit

The Pompous Doctor Edit

The Pompous Doctor finally buries Martin at the Eye of Orion. He also realises that he has more in common with his successor than he thought.

The Dynamite Doctor Edit

The Dynamite Doctor reveals that he still visits Martin's grave sometimes, and that his distaste for the dog was fabricated in order to "rile up" Pompous.

Tim Edit

Tim is bitten by Marvin and thrown into the TARDIS swimming pool. He can't swim, which is somewhat problematic. Meeting the Dynamite Doctor, it dawns on Tim that he won't be traveling with the Pompous Doctor forever.

Christie Christwald Edit

Christie is abandoned in the Dynamite Doctor's TARDIS, where she finds herself in danger of missing Deal Or No Deal.

Martin the Pug Edit

Martin the Pug is buried at the Eye of Orion. The Doctor reveals that as a puppy he "widdled off that very cliff" and is responsible for a mighty river. The robot shell of Marvin is buried alongside him later.

The Fruit Pastel Doctor Edit

At one point, the Pompous Doctor and Tim accidentally travel backwards in time to find the Fruit Pastel Doctor not wearing any trousers. No explanation is given, though it reveals at the end of the episode that Fruit Pastel is reunited with them again.

Personnel Edit

Cast Edit

The Pompous Doctor - Billy Treacy

The Dynamite Doctor - Jon Gransden

Tim - Christopher Johnson

Christie Christwald - Christel Dee

The Fruit Pastel Doctor - Benji Clifford

Marvin - Daniel Sherratt

Crew Edit

Written by - Joel H Joelson & Billy Treacy

Music - Daniel Sherratt

Theme Tune - Daniel Sherratt

Sound Design - Daniel Sherratt

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Produced by - Daniel Sherratt & Billy Treacy