Doctor(s) The Original Doctor (sort of)

The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor, The Pompous Doctor, The Dynamite Doctor

Companion(s) David, Martin the Pug, Tulip Taylor
Villain(s) Hikeskatian, Pollen,The Journalist, Time Demons
Wave None
Wave/Episode No. X.2
Duration 1h 10m 8s
Originally Released 7th February - 21st March 2014
Previous Story Death to the Davros
Next Story Convolution of The Doctor

Jim is the second Multiple Doctor special. It features The Fruit Pastel DoctorThe Sorry DoctorThe Pompous Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor.

The Doctors are all brought together by a man whose life they have collectively made hell: Jim.


Part OneEdit

The Pompous Doctor and Martin the Pug are relaxing in the TARDIS when there is a knock on the door. The Doctor opens it to find Jim. Jim recognises The Pompous Doctor, claiming that all of The Doctors have ruined his life, but The Pompous Doctor does not recognise him. He calls a meeting with all of The Doctors and they meet in The Tea Zone (although it is simply referred to as a white void in this story) - a dimension controlled by the combined mental energy of The Doctors.

Once all The Doctors responsible have arrived (The Fruit Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor, The Pompous Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor), Jim confronts The Fruit Pastel Doctor first, and discribes his encounter, before Fruit Pastel interrupts with his version of events, which begins with him confronting and destroying a Hikeskatian, before turning up to Jim's school play.

Fruit Pastel heckles and sets off the sprinklers, effectively ruining Jim's play in which he is playing Macbeth and destroying Jim's confidence and ambitions to become an actor.

Part TwoEdit

Jim rounds on The Sorry Doctor next, who tells the story of how he and David crashland the TARDIS on Earth due to Pollen getting caught in it. The Pollen turns out to be a creature determined to inconvenience the human race.

After David lets it escape, it gets pulled apart by bees. David is left behind to pay for the damage he's caused someone's greenhouse. Meanwhile, The Sorry Doctor allows Jim to get mugged as he walks back to the TARDIS, which is the crime he is guilty of.

Part ThreeEdit

The Pompous Doctor is the third incarnation to tell his side of an event. He recieves a fax from a former associate, Madame Rarkenwood, who is being blackmailed by the editor of a magazine called the Weekly UFO,where Jim was working as a journalist. The Doctor leaves Martin with Jim at the desk, while he enters the editor's office. Jim discovers a file containing information on the Doctor and realises that the Doctor is the same man who interfered in his life twice before. The Doctor finds and destroys the incriminating article, just as he is about to leave, he notices a mysterious cuboardd and looking inside, realises it's another TARDIS. It belongs to an exiled renegade Time Lord known as the Journalist. The Doctor then reluctantly tells Jim of an incident during the Doctor's time at the Academy on Gallifrey. (The Doctor (then known as Theta Sigma) is pranked by the Master and the Journalist when the Doctor is tricked into having his photo taken with a shrine of the Lord Teacher of Gallifrey. The Doctor then reveals humiliating secrets about the Master, which destroys their friendship. The Lord Teacher himself arrives, and gives his approval to the Doctor, saying they can expect great things from the Doctor.) The Doctor himself blackmails the Journalist with an incriminating photo, and orders him to stop. Meanwhile Martin vomits all over Jim's desk, just as the Doctor departs with Martin. The Journalist emerges from his office and (in a bad mood from his encounter with the Doctor) promptly fires Jim after seeing the mess.

Part FourEdit

This is the event which led to Jim deciding to take action against the Doctors. The Dynamite Doctor arrives on a road and meets Tulip Taylor (who happens to be Jim's girlfriend) and falls in love with her. He takes her to Jim's house, where Jim is looking after his nan. When the TARDIS arrives, Jim recognises the Doctor, who declares that Jim is possessed by a Time Demon and promptly knocks him out (he does this in order to avoid Tulip finding out about his previous encounters with Jim.) However to his astonishment a real Time Demon appears. The Doctor temporarily disperses the demon with the Sonic Screwdriver and plans to destroy it with a wad of dynamite, but saying he'll have to scrificee himself to do it. Once Tulip leaves with Jim, The Doctor leaves the dynamite with Jim's nan, and convinces himself that she's sacrificing herself. Later the Doctor knocks out Jim, and tells Tulip that Jim died after being repossessed by the demon. He then takes Tulip with him on his travels, but Jim recovers just in time to see the TARDIS dematerialise.

Back in the Tea Zone, Jim demands to know what's happened to Tulip, to which the Dynamite Doctor explains that she sacrificed herself to save the Doctor from the Daleks. Jim snaps and starts beating up the Dynamite Doctor, causing a lapse in the Doctors' concentration. The Tea Zone temporairily flitters out of existence, but the Doctors manage to stabilise it just in time. However Jim has been sucked into the Time Vortex, and echoes of him are created and spread throughout the Doctor's timeline. Jim the golf comentatorr, Humphrey the killer plant, Jim the store security guard, even Jack the Ripper are all echoes of the original Jim. Before they depart, the Doctors suddenly get a sudden urge to make a terrible pun about Jim's fate:

Pompous Doctor: "I always thought he had a VACUOUS personality!"

Fruit Pastel Doctor: "No need to get SUCKED into things Jim!"

Sorry Doctor: "Quite the PULLING sensation then?"

Dynamite Doctor: "Dynamite!"

The Pompous Doctor then states that Jim was right: when it comes down to it, all the Doctors really are horrible people.


The Fruit Pastel DoctorEdit

The Fruit Pastel Doctor likes milk, two sugars and a fruit pastel dropped into his tea.

The Sorry DoctorEdit

The Sorry Doctor likes milk and one sugar in his tea.

The Pompous DoctorEdit

The Pompous Doctor likes milk and no sugar in his tea. He is the one who summons his other selves to the Tea Zone.

The Dynamite DoctorEdit

The Dynamite Doctor likes his tea to be comprised half of milk, with eleven sugars added in. It is mentioned that this incarnation hates Martin.


Jim prefers black coffee to tea.


David has to pay to fix an old lady's greenhouse.


Martin spends this story asleep in the TARDIS. Within Jim's telling of events, Martin defacated and vomited on Jim's desk, resulting in Jim getting fired.


Tulip leaves with The Dynamite Doctor thinking Jim to be dead. The Dynamite Doctor reveals later that she is now dead, after sacrificing herself to save him in a battle against the Daleks.

The Journalist Edit

A journalistic-type Time Lord who blackmails people into doing his bidding. He is Jim's initial employer when Jim meets the Pompous Doctor.

Time Demons Edit



The Fruit Pastel Doctor - Benji Clifford

The Sorry DoctorDaniel Sherratt

The Pompous DoctorBilly Treacy

The Dynamite DoctorJon Gransden

Jim - Christopher Thomson

School Friend - Billy Treacy

Hikeskatian - Billy Treacy

David - David McLaughlin

Pollen - David Boskett

Old Woman - Billy Treacy

Thugs - Billy Treacy

The Journalist - William Carlisle

The Master - Sam Dimitrijevic

Lord Teacher - Richard B Brookes

Tulip Taylor  - Billy Treacy

Jim's Nan - Billy Treacy

Time Demon - Billy Treacy


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - David Boskett

Theme Tune - David Boskett

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

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