Geoff the Axon
Species Axon
Played by Jon Gransden

Geoff the Axon lives in a Ford Cortina that's bigger on the inside and resides in Cardiff. He is supposedly also a Bisexual Samurai, and is among the Dynamite Doctor's many friends.

Personal TimelineEdit

Geoff the Axon was turned good by The Dynamite Doctor after a previous invasion attempt. Since then they have fought off the Cybermen and gone on an expensive meal together, for which Geoff still owes The Doctor money.

Geoff was part of an army of cameos who took part in a space battle against an army of Daleks under command of The Pompous Doctor who was currently at war with The Dynamite Doctor and three of his other incarnations (Fruit Pastel, Sorry and Quintessential). Him and Tallulu, a companion of The Fruit Pastel Doctor, 'hit it off in a big way' during the dogfight and left with her after the war ended.

Geoff dies by being wiped from existence by a Time Devil, sacrificing himself to save The Dynamite Doctor. He has now never existed, but is remembered by The Doctor and Christie Christwald because of "time travel".

List of AppearancesEdit

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