Forbidden Fruit Pastel
Doctor The Fruit Pastel Doctor
Wave No. 1
Companion(s) Dilbert the Dalek, Bellal, The Bartender
Central Villain None
Duration 44m 7s
Originally Released 17th March - 14th June 2016
Previous Wave The Greatest of Friends
Next Wave Further Apologies

Forbidden Fruit Pastel is The Fruit Pastel Doctor's first wave of adventures.

The Doctor embarks on a series of aimless wanderings which take him to Skaro, Exxilon, and, of course, the quiet village of Pastelbury – though not like you’ve ever experienced it before…


Story ArcEdit

The Doctor (and occasionally The Bartender) travel across space and time, picking up several friends along the way, such as Dilbert the Dalek from Skaro, or Bellal: the Exxilon from Exxilon. The group have fun romps across the several galaxies, only to return to Pastelbury in time for tea.

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