Species Ballatron
Played by Antonio Rastelli
Footballman92 (real name Fred) was a Ballatron who planned to sabotage the 1966 World Cup by replacing all the balls with the ones making up his own body. However, this plan was ruined when Bobby Charlton kicked him in the head. Despite The Doctor never actually intervening he still blamed him for what happened to him. After discussing The Doctor with Anderson, a human whose dog was killed by The Doctor's second incarnation, they decided to meet up, along with several other aliens, and form an organisation called C.A.R.D.I.F.F to stop The Doctor. After several months of no progress they came up with a plan to destroy Cardiff with a bomb. However their plan was stopped by The Dynamite Doctor after he used his Sonic Screwdriver to pre-emptively destroy the bomb. His balls were broken apart by The Doctor and spread them across sports club across the country, causing his mind to cease to exist.

Appearances Edit

Dynamite, 1.4 - Fondness and Creatures

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