Five Credits a Month
Doctor(s) The Pompous Doctor
Companion(s) Wren Stark, Tim
Villain(s) Debitron
Wave Darker Paths
Wave/Episode No. 3.8
Duration 12m 21s
Originally Released 12th December 2014
Previous Story The Story Teller
Next Story Martin's Last Bark

Five Credits a Month is the eighth episode of The Pompous Doctor's third wave Darker Paths.

In an attempt to make The Doctor a better man, Wren and Tim take him to Planet Debitron, a world suffering from poverty. That is, if you believe the charity appeals...


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The DoctorEdit

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The DoctorBilly Treacy

Wren Stark - Britty Lea

Tim - Christopher Johnson

Harold - Christopher Thomson

Arnold - Matthew Beale

Actor - Holly B

Director - Sebastian Treacy


Written by - Billy Treacy

Music - Billy Treacy

Theme Tune - Billy Treacy

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Behind the ScenesEdit

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