Eric Klieg
Species Human
Played by Benji Clifford

Personal TimelineEdit

Eric Klieg and the Baldness of Doom Edit

During his and his brother's time at Logician Univeristy, All of Eric's hair fell out during an attempt to ask a girl out at a party. This led to everyone laughing at him, birthing his unquenchable lust for Mastery over the World.

Eric Klieg and the Lift of DoomEdit

Eric Klieg first encounters The Doctor (The Fruit Pastel Doctor) when he is trapped in a lift with him. The Doctor gives him a garlic flavoured fruit pastel. Eric attempts to take over the lift, but fails miserably.

Eric Klieg and the Shop of DoomEdit

At a later point in his timeline, while shopping on the Asco Asteroid, Eric once again encounters The Doctor (The Pompous Doctor), who has regenerated twice since their last meeting. Eric vows to destroy The Doctor, but fails. He is then offered a job at the supermarket after The Master is fired for overcharging the Doctor by 3 credits.

Eric Klieg and the Workshop of DoomEdit

When Asco was shut down and abandoned, Eric was given a job at the Radiophonic Workshop by his brother Derek Klieg. He does every menial task such as getting tea, shining shoes and wiping bums. He resents his brother for getting the CEO job and often lies to customers claiming he is the "Master of the Radiophonic Workshop."

Behind the ScenesEdit

Eric Klieg is directly lifted from Tomb of the Cybermen, where he was played by George Pastell (coincidence? I THINK NOT). He is played in Aimless Wanderings by Benji Clifford.

List of AppearancesEdit

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