Homeworld Mondas

Cybermen are emotionless cyborgs that have been converted from the humanoid popluation of Mondas. They have since spread out across the universe after their planet was destroyed, attempting to convert any humanoid they see. They also go into hibernation/hiding a lot, and return every thousand years or so with a new design.


The Emotional CybermenEdit

These are the most passionate Cybemen possible to meet. They come across as pantomine villains rather than terrifying cyborgs absent of emotion.

List of AppearancesEdit

The New Old CybermenEdit

These Cybermen spent thousands of years in hiding on The Corner of the Universe perfecting their new design. They have claws, a new voice and the tendency to create cyber-everything. When they encountered The Pompous Doctor, Tim and Martin the Pug, they got inside The TARDIS and upgraded Martin into The Cyber-Pug! They captured The Pompous Doctor and Tim before they tried to upgrade The TARDIS, but as they were all mentally linked to The Cyber-Pug, The Pompous Doctor turned Martin back to normal using the power of a Sausage. Now all The Cybermen want to do is eat Sausages!

List of AppearancesEdit

The Sausage Cybermen Edit

List of AppearancesEdit

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