Boredom of The Doctor
Doctor(s) The Dynamite Doctor
Companion(s) Christie Christwald
Villain(s) The Devil
Wave Boom Goes the Dynamite
Wave/Episode No. 1.5
Duration 9m 47s
Originally Released 4th September 2015
Previous Story Fondness and Creatures
Next Story The Dark at the Start
Boredom of The Doctor is the fifth episode of The Dynamite Doctor's first wave Boom Goes the Dynamite.

The Doctor faces his greatest threat yet: the Devil.

Plot Edit

The Doctor faces off with the Devil in the post-apocalyptic remains of Cardiff. After defeating him (with a little help from God) using his one weakness (dynamite), everything returns back to normal.

Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor realises he's stuck with Christie for the foreseeable future, and attempts using various different methods to get rid of her. All of these attempts fail due to Christie's loyalty towards the Doctor.

Characters Edit

The Doctor Edit

The Doctor is sick of Christie and wants a change, but he feels trapped.

Christie Christwald Edit

Christie has no pets or family and although she was once a dog walker, she is now a university professor.

The Devil Edit

Although he attempts to destroy most of the world, the Devil is defeated by his one true weakness: dynamite.

God Edit

God is an "old friend" of the Devil's and a good pal of the Doctor's.

Personnel Edit

Cast Edit

The Doctor - Jon Gransden

Christie Christwald - Christel Dee

The Devil - Billy Treacy

Narrated By - Billy Treacy

Crew Edit

Written By - Billy Treacy

Music - David Boskett

Theme Tune - David Boskett

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy

Produced By - Billy Treacy

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