Doctor(s) The Dynamite Doctor
Companion(s) Christie Christwald
Villain(s) Mr. Blobby
Wave Boom Goes the Dynamite
Wave/Episode No. 1.2
Duration 30m, 7s
Originally Released 2nd July, 2015
Previous Story More of the Daleks
Next Story The Last Laugh
Blobatron is the second episode of The Dynamite Doctor's first wave Boom Goes the Dynamite.

A dark and dangerous secret lies in the depths of the abandoned Blobbyland theme park...

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

The Dynamite Doctor Edit

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Christie Christwald Edit

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Personnel Edit

Cast Edit

The Doctor - Jon Gransden

Christie Christwald - Christel Dee

Arnold/ Barnaby - Daniel Sherratt

Stuart - Billy Treacy

Mr. Blobby - Benji Clifford

Sergeant Derek Maccaw - Joel H Joelson

Noel Edmunds - Christopher Thomson

Narrated by - Billy Treacy

Crew Edit

Written by - Joel H Joelson

Music - David Boskett

Theme Tune - David Boskett

Sound Design - Billy Treacy

Cover Art - Billy Treacy & Joel H Joelson

Produced by - Billy Treacy